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We offer a wide variety of high quality rentals, including thrones, chairs, tables, linens, decor pieces and so much more! See below to learn about our simple, convenient rental process.


How the Rental Process Works

Our new Wishlist feature lets you build your own rentals package and get a free quote.

Step 1

Choose your products

Browse our inventory of high quality event rentals. See something you like? Add it to your Wishlist by clicking on the heart icon next to each item or the Add to Wishlist button.

Step 2

Submit your Wishlist

View your Wishlist by clicking on the heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Fill out your event and contact information and hit the submit button.

Step 3

Approve your Quote

After you submit your Wishlist, we will get back to you ASAP with a free quote. Once you approve your quote and put down a deposit, your items will be reserved for your event!

“Your event will become a reality because Blissful Royal Creations will share your dream!”


Our Events

Stella + Frantz Wedding Gallery

Stella & Frantz

Mary + Andrew Wedding

Marry & Andrew

Cynthia + Paul Wedding

Cynthia & Paul

Esther + Jhonnie Wedding

Esther & Jhonnie

Caitlin + John Wedding

Caitlin & John

Sharon + Prince Wedding

Sharon & Prince

Mandy + Jeffery

Samantha + Elving

Shantel + Johnry

Amanda + Jeff

A married couple posing on the beach and people clapping.

Sofia + Robert

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